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I purchased the $85 service from Ayudos. Theye did nothing to help my crowd funding project.

I did not get a single dollar to my campaign from the services. Save your money! This company takes advantage of people trying to pursue their dreams with crowd funding.

I wasted not only money but valuable time with Ayudos. From what I can tell the literally did nothing to help me. is a complete fraud.

They should be ashamed of what they do to people who are tying to make a better life for themselves. I am going to try and press charges for fraud.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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Chico, California, United States #909713

yes I have the same problem with ayudos mike gonzalez won't refund my money 85.00 after I file complain on ripoff report well my iam filing a complain through the attorney general.


As a follow up, I finally spoke with Mike on the phone after posting these complaints and contacting the Better Business Bureau. He did refund me the 89.00 that I paid through my original form of payment.

I agreed to update the BBB and all sites where I discussed the services. I was persistent in getting a response, and I did get one, plus a full refund.


I had the exact same experience. Would love to know if you are able to make progress on the fraud charge.

I signed up for the same service and when I continuously asked for links to the press, the owner, Mike, kept putting me off and telling me he'd send them. He never did. He then stopped answering my emails when I asked for a refund. Nothing was done for my campaign.

No facebook posts, no tumblr posts. I think the ayudos twitter account retweeted something I wrote and tagged them in ONCE....

It was NOT worth the money I paid. Total Scam.

to silverlining Chicago, Illinois, United States #916758

We have sent you a refund a long time ago Silverling.

Please contact us at for any questions about it.

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